Nicolas Huchard
Dancer / Choreographer
/ Performer

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Born in 1988, Nicolas Huchard started dancing at the age of six years old before focusing on choreography after turning twenty-five. Advocating the human aspect of choreography, Nicolas developed a technique in ‘movement coaching’ that he tailored himself and taught to the different artists he worked with. He has a global approach to dancing and his inspiration is deeply-rooted in his dual culture and his numerous artistic and human encounters. This dancing versatility is what enabled him to work with some of the most prestigious names of fashion, cinema, advertisement and music:

The luxury brand LVMH hired him for their marketing campaign 24 Sèvres & Nicolas Winding Refn (2017); Jean-Paul Gaultier and Marion Motin used his skills for the Fashion Freak Show (2017-2018) ; the French musical scene requested him for occasional collaborations with Angèle, Shay, Suzane, Kiddy Smile as well as Aya Nakamura.

More recently, Nicolas collaborated with Christine and the Queens (Chaleur Humaine, 2014-2017) and Madonna (Madame X Tour, 2019-2020) as a dancer/choreographer for their respective international tours.


PARIS MATCH — Nicolas Huchard, la dernière recrue Française de Madonna.
LE PARISIEN — Madame X Tours à Paris.
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MAGASINS GÉNÉRAUX — Suzane et Nicolas Huchard.
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